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How it works:

It's a quick way to WhatsApp without saving a number, just type a number and hit enter to jump to WhatsApp without saving a recipient number to your contacts. If you like to write a message here, it will also be there on WhatsApp ready to send.

Tips & tricks to use:

The local country is selected automatically and you can type the number in your local format. You can also change the country by hitting the flag icon or by typing the desired country code (Like +92). If you want to use the international format of the phone number, go with "+" instead of "00" (double zero).

Privacy Concerns:

It doesn't save or process any type of information on the server side, it just works in between user and user's browser. So, no worries about contact information and privacy, it's just good to go.

Availability & Usage:

It's free to use for everyone and ever.

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